My Husband’s Not Gay Star: I’m Attracted To Men But Married A Woman (VIDEO)

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My Husband's Not Gay

By Daniel Gates


My Husband's Not Gay


“My Husband’s Not Gay” premieres on Sunday. It follows four men in Salt Lake City who say they’re attracted to other men, but have either entered into long-term relationships with women or hope to do so. In a new clip from the controversial show, Jeff and Tanya, who have been married for nearly a decade, try to explain their circumstances. Watch the video below.

Jeff explains, “I guess one of the most unique things about our relationship is I experience SSA, or same-sex attraction.” Tanya interjects, “NOT gay. SSA.”

“Who will I notice first, a beautiful man walking down the street or a beautiful woman walking down the street? I’ll notice the beautiful man, nine times out of 10,” says Jeff. Tanya clarifies, “It’s someone who’s attracted to the same sex, but wants to be in a heterosexual relationship.”

She later says, “When Jeff told me about his same-sex attraction, it was definitely the worst time in our relationship. We got home to his place, and I thought, ‘He’s finally going to say I love you.’ And instead he said, ‘I need you to know that I’m attracted to men.’ I was crushed.” And yet, they somehow… made it work. And now they have a child.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, critics of “My Husband’s Not Gay” call the show “irresponsible” and “dangerous,” believing that it promotes the idea that homosexuality is something to be overcome for the sake of religion. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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