MSNBC Pranked By Fake Soldier Claiming Howard Stern’s Fart Brought Down Malaysian Plane — See Shameful Video

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MSNBC Pranked

By Shari Weiss


MSNBC Pranked


This is awful.

On Thursday, MSNBC was pranked by a man identifying himself as a soldier who claimed to see Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 brought down… by Howard Stern’s fart.



The terrible moment occurred live on air, when broadcaster Krystal Ball was conducting a phone interview with an eyewitness supposedly named “U.S. Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd.”

Ball asked what could be seen from the ground in Ukraine, and the person replied, “I was looking out the window and I saw a projectile flying through the sky, and it would appear that the plane was shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s a**.”

Shockingly, Ball didn’t pick up on the comment until the caller went on to call her a “dumba**.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, nearly 300 people were killed in the crash, which is believed to have occurred after a missile strike.

It should go without saying that tragedies like this should never be made light of, but apparently reminders are still needed.

Check out the disturbing video below.

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