VIDEO: Moviegoers Sing “God Bless The USA” Before The Interview Screening

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God Bless The USA Interview Video

By Shari Weiss


God Bless The USA Interview Video


Moviegoers gave a big “F You!” to North Korea on Christmas Day, not only seeing The Interview in theaters, but also celebrating American patriotism with a group sing-along to “God Bless The USA.” Check out the video below!

Tim League, the founder of Alamo Drafthouse and one of the proponents of releasing the controversial film in theaters, led audience members at an Austin viewing in song as footage of Lee Greenwood performing the rallying cry appeared on screen. League was dressed in an American flag-inspired onesie, and the performance ended with the crowd chanting “USA! USA!”

Similar American pride was on display in Atlanta, where attendees at the Plaza Theatre sang “God Bless The USA,” as well, at one of the first showings on Thursday. The independent cinema also had “Freedom Prevails” posted on its marquee, echoing star Seth Rogen’s tweet after it was revealed the film would be available in theaters, despite threats from hackers.

The Interview’s limited run has brought in an estimated $1 million from theaters so far, with the movie scheduled to open in more cinemas on Friday and in the days to come. There’s no word yet as to how successful the flick’s digital run on YouTube, Sony Xbox and Google Play have been, though at-home viewings have been a popular topic on social media. Of course, that means you’ll just have to sing “God Bless The USA” by yourself. Check out the video below!

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