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More Robert Pattinson Casting Catastrophes

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In just the past few months alone, Robert Pattinson has been thrown into the casts of “Dune,” Vauxhall Crossed,” and “Yellow Submarine,” without a single audition – or interest.

The latest rumor claims “Pattinson wants to play X-Men Villain” Magneto.

According to the British OK!, Pattinson “now wants to jump from vampires to characters with superpowers” and “revealed his desire to play the mutant [Magneto] who is able to control and generate magnetic fields and is an arch-enemy of the X-Men.”

What you should know, however, is that Pattinson didn’t say he had interest in playing Magneto. He was simply responding to a leading question from an interviewer about whether he had “thought about playing a superhero sometime in the future?”

The tab reports that Pattinson said, “Well, yeah, I think everyone wonders about that sometimes. My little cousin tells me I look like Magneto, so I guess that’s who I should probably play.”

But since his kid cousin isn’t a casting director and Pattinson hasn’t really expressed an interest in playing Magneto — nor can a single person we’ve reach out to confirm it — Gossip Cop is going to put a big X across this story and add it to the “Pattinson False Rumor Role” file.

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