Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages: Watch The Awkward Viral Video!

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Mom Reads Grindr Video

By Daniel Gates


Mom Reads Grindr Video


Ready to cringe? Riyadh Khalaf, a radio personality in Ireland, has posted a video in which he sits next to his mom as she reads his real, often graphic Grindr messages. It’s awkward and amazing. Watch the clip below!

Khalaf explains that he downloaded the dating and hookup app Grindr to his phone and then let messages roll in for an hour every night for three weeks. He didn’t look at the messages. Instead, he recruited his adorable mom to read them to him. Given how racy and, um, direct some Grindr come-ons can be, things get very uncomfortable, very quickly.

But even though it sounds like a recipe for disaster… the mom is actually a really good sport! The two giggle through a lot of it, and she even offers her opinions about most of the guys sending Riyadh messages. She doesn’t approve of one guy’s “disgusting boxer shorts” and another gentleman’s poor spelling. She’s shocked by the multiple requests for group sex. It mostly becomes clear that she just wants her son to find a nice boyfriend.

“I’m slightly traumatized,” Khalaf’s mom says at the end, with a laugh. “My mind has been opened.” Indeed. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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