VIRAL VIDEO: Guy Scares Mom Repeatedly With Fake Dog Prank

Truth rating: 10
Fake Dog Prank

By Daniel Gates


Fake Dog Prank


Is there anything better than scaring your poor, innocent mom repeatedly with a fake dog? Well, yeah, there probably is. But this video is still pretty funny. YouTube user Jomboy explains, “I bought my little brother a fake dog for his birthday. My mom did not like it. Scared her about 5 times within 3 minutes.” Watch the video below!

Of course, dogs figure prominently in a lot of recent viral videos. Usually, the clips highlight how cute the pets are when interacting with babies or each other. A lot of times, the dog will be doing something that seems human. There are singing dogs and dog bloopers. Puppy Bowl XI will be the highlight of many people’s Super Bowl Sunday next week.

And then there are prank videos. Last year, one video that went viral showed a dog dressed up in a spider costume. Unleashed in the dark, the creature freaked out people, creating panic and terror on the streets. This new video is much lower-key. And the dog isn’t real. But the mom’s reactions sure seem to be very real. Watch the fake dog prank video below!

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