Modern Family NOT Canceled — Story Is Hoax From Parody Site

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Modern Family Canceled

By Shari Weiss

Modern Family Canceled


“Modern Family” has NOT been canceled, despite a story published on Thursday claiming the hit ABC sitcom had been pulled to “teach” viewers a lesson.

The article appeared on a website called Clickhole, a sister outlet to The Onion and The A.V. Club. Its stories are designed to go viral, parodying those on sites like Buzzfeed and UpWorthy. While the “Modern Family” article is so ridiculous that it would seem impossible to be true, it never states anywhere on its page that it is indeed a satirical joke, leading to some very confused and upset fans.

The article reads, “ABC has canceled Modern Family in order to teach people that something you love can be taken from you completely out of nowhere, with no warning whatsoever.” It goes on to “quote” “Leon Kisch,” a made-up “ABC executive” as saying, “It saddens us to cancel a show as beloved as Modern Family, but people need to be taught that having something you cherish suddenly and inexplicably wrenched from your grasp is intrinsic to life. Fans of the show are better off learning that sooner rather than later, so they’re prepared when it happens over and over again for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, that’s what this cancellation is about. Not numbers or logic, but demonstrating the terror of our powerless existence on this earth.”

Even “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen is quoted as supposedly saying, “We’ve had a blast making this show for the last six seasons, but I trust the network’s decision to cancel it as a way of showing people firsthand just how quickly the things that we love can be erased from existence…If Modern Family has to die in order for people to realize that, then that’s just the price we’ll have to pay.”

Clickhole’s closing further claims, “Though the network seems to have sealed the fate of Modern Family on ABC, several sources within the company have hinted that the show could be revived on Netflix or Hulu in order to teach people that, sometimes, miracles really do happen.”

While this isn’t April Fool’s Day, it should be readily-apparent that this story is just a weird hoax from a parody site. Unfortunately, a number of concerned readers and “Modern Family” fans actually believed it, prompting star Jesse Tyler Ferguson to set the record straight on Twitter. “A website called ClickHole wrote that #ModernFamily is cancelled. You guys. The website is called CLICKHOLE. No, we aren’t cancelled,” he wrote.

Co-star Eric Stonestreet even mockingly tweeted a link to the story, jokingly writing, “So sad.” And many followers actually thought he was being serious. Ferguson amusingly wrote him back, “@ericstonestreet you just LOVE ruffling feathers, don’t ya?” So, to be clear: “Modern Family” is NOT canceled.

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