Mob Wives Fight Video: Watch Crazy, Bloody Brawl Explode Between Karen Gravano and Natalie Guercio

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Mob Wives Fight

By Daniel Gates


Mob Wives Fight


Wednesday’s “Mob Wives” featured one of the most insane reality show fights you’ll ever see. Karen Gravano and Natalie Guercio were not happy with each other. Their tension exploded in an insane brawl. Watch the video below.

The ladies had gathered to talk through their issues. It did not go well. “If you can’t handle it, come at me!” yelled Guercio. Oh, Gravano came at her, flipping aside the table and lunging at her foe. As a stunned Angela “Big Ang” Raiola told the camera, “Two f*cking grown women rolling on the floor. Things were getting thrown, people were jumping in… it was f*cking crazy!”

Explaining her hair-pulling strategy, Gravano explained, “This b*tch cares about her hair and what she looks like? I’m gonna ‘bald’ this b*tch!” Guercio later said, “All I know is, if she’s pulling my f*cking hair out, I’m gonna rip this b*tch’s f*cking face off!” Wow, it’s just like “Downton Abbey,” right?!

Security personnel rushed in to break up the brawl, but neither woman, bloodied at this point, seemed ready to stop. It’s not the “Mob Wives” way. “When people have a fight, you let them fight,” explained Drita D’Avanzo. “Until somebody’s f*cking jacked up and can’t fight. That’s how the fight ends.” Indeed. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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