Miranda Lambert “Obsessed” With Losing Weight, Making Blake Shelton Worry?

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By Daniel Gates

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Miranda Lambert “has dropped a dramatic amount of weight and now those close to her — including husband Blake Shelton — are seriously concerned about her increasingly militant attitude toward her physique,” reports Star.

According to a “source” for the same tabloid that once falsely claimed she and Shelton were “drinking their marriage away,” Lambert “acts like she’s being healthy, but really, she’s obsessed with losing weight.”

“Getting thin has become her whole life,” alleges the Star insider.

(Let’s pause here to reflect on the fact that Star outrageously claimed last November that Lambert was losing weight because she was worried Shelton would be “tempted to cheat” with someone like Christina Aguilera. Really.)

An “insider” tells the outlet that Lambert’s management team is “requesting size 0 and XS clothes from stylists!”

But Shelton is allegedly upset.

“Her obsession with weight loss has made things very tense,” says the Star source. “She gets mad when he eats carbs around her, but he likes cheeseburgers and pizza. If she even smells it in the house, she goes nuts, accusing Blake of being unsupportive.”

Lambert is out of control with her weight fixation, alleges the magazine.

Despite Shelton telling her she was beautiful before, says Star, Lambert “is focused solely on the number on the scale and the size of her clothes.”

Except… Lambert isn’t a size 0, and she’s not obsessed with her weight.

She’s said that she is “not even close” to wearing a size 2, and feels best as a “toned, not flabby, size 8.”

The entire article seems to be an excuse for Star to invent more fake fighting for Shelton and Lambert.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the suggestion that Lambert is too obsessed with her weight and getting too skinny “totally off base.”

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