Star Prints FALSE Cover Story About Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill and Nicole Kidman Marriage Crises

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By Daniel Gates




Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill and Nicole Kidman are all having serious marriage problems, according to the new Star cover story.

The tabloid, which has published false stories about each of these women in the past, claims to know the “sad truth behind their smiles.”

Star says a “trusted source” has opened up with “shocking revelations about these megawatt country wives.

“None of them is as happy as they portray themselves to the world,” explains the magazine’s insider. “They try so hard to make it seem like their lives are picture-perfect, but really they are all miserable.”

Are they miserable… or is Star miserable because all of its predictions about them keep falling flat?

The tabloid goes through the motions with its big splashy cover story, most of which is a rehash of old, debunked rumors.

Lambert’s husband Blake Shelton is said to drink too much and make her insecure with fears that he’ll stray.

Meanwhile, Hill is supposedly worried about her finances with hubby Tim McGraw, with the Star “source” saying “she has him by the nuts when it comes to their business, and he knows that if she divorced him he’d be left with nothing… [so] they stay in this unhappy marriage.”

Kidman and Keith Urban allegedly fight about everything from his touring to their joint alleged obsessions with physical appearance.

Basically, Star wanted to put three major “country wives” on its cover, and then build a hodgepodge of random rumors around the picture.

And, just like the mag’s previous attempts to portray these marriages as in crisis, it’s all a crock.

A rep for Kidman and sources close to both Lambert and Hill shoot down the Star report, with one insider telling Gossip Cop the magazine’s “inaccurate” coverage was getting “really tiresome.”

We agree.

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