Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Love of Guns: “I’m A Better Shot Than Blake”

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By Shari Weiss



(Huffington Post)

Miranda Lambert opened up about her marriage to Blake Shelton, her lifelong love of guns, and why she doesn’t consider herself a role model during a Thursday appearance on HuffPost Live.

The singer revealed her dad was a police officer, who instilled in her a love of guns — and the proper way to handle them — at a young age.

“He taught me gun safety from day one,” said Lambert, stressing, “I never preach guns one way or another — this is just the way that I grew up.” And for her and husband Shelton, going shooting is a recreational sport. She proudly said, “I’m a better shot than Blake.”

When discussing her recent weight loss, Lambert confessed that many, especially moms of young girls, have deemed her a role model for being “positive about body image,” but she views herself differently. “I have tattoos, and I cuss and I drink, and I’m cussing in my country songs. So I’m not a perfect model citizen,” she insisted.

That said, she does have far more honor than the tabloids, which have perpetually spread false rumors about her life ever since Shelton shot into the pop culture stratosphere with “The Voice.”

Lambert admitted to being “caught off guard” by the sudden increase in attention, but said she and Shelton have gotten to a point where they can just laugh about the absurd claims.

And the singer warned that despite repeated pregnancy cover stories, there are no children on the horizon for the couple — at least not human ones. “We have kids. We have six of them. They have four legs,” she quipped. Lambert also discussed scheduling “us time,” how she writes song lyrics, and much more.

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