Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton ‘Drinking Their Marriage Away,’ Claims Star

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By Daniel Gates

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Another week, another bogus Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton tabloid story. Star now claims the couple is “drinking their marriage away.”

According to the magazine, “Though partying is something Miranda and Blake bond over, friends say it’s only served to amplify Miranda’s jealousy and Blake’s uncontrollable flirting — leading to a vicious cycle of drinking, fighting and drinking more as a means to cope.” A so-called “insider” tells the tab, “Alcohol is the root of 90 percent of their problems. Blake likes to provoke Miranda when he’s drunk — he talks constantly about other women he thinks are sexy.”

At this point, Star brings up the discredited rumor about Shelton having an affair with Cady Grovesa story so baseless the couple publicly mocked it. Then the magazine turns to some random doctor who’s never treated Shelton or Lambert to announce, “Alcohol is one of the top destroyers of marriages. The way they communicate is severely affected in a negative way when a couple are consistently intoxicated.” Thanks, doc. Unfortunately for Star, none of this actually applies to Shelton and Lambert.

While the couple makes no secret of its fondness for a good time, it’s their openness with each other that’s become as notable as Star’s sketchy reporting on them. This is just more of the same. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Star report is “ridiculous.”

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