MAG: Justin Bieber Alleged Drug-Fueled “Sex Romp” Led to Selena Gomez Breakup

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By Daniel Gates


Justin Bieber’s “stoned sex romp” with a nursing student named Milyn “Mimi” Jensen “drove away Selena Gomez,” claims Star magazine. According to the tabloid, Bieber had a “night of debauchery” and “drug-fueled” hookup with Jensen on December 21, cheating on Gomez and triggering their split.

Star cites a so-called “insider” as saying that Bieber joined Jensen and rapper pal Lil Twist at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills that evening, before they all allegedly went to “buy weed” at a smoke shop in Hollywood. Back at the hotel, says the tabloid’s source, the trio “smoked pot” and made the street cocktail “sizzurp.”

“The guys poured it into plastic cups and were drinking it throughout the night,” alleges the Star source, who goes on to claim that at one point the group got into Bieber’s Range Rover to visit the pop star’s mansion in Calabasas, with Bieber allegedly driving “like a crazy person” on the way.

Later, at the Four Seasons again, Bieber began to put the moves on Jensen, eventually initiating a sex act. The encounter is described like a romance novel, with specific dialogue bits such as Bieber supposedly telling Jensen, “I want to know if you taste good.”

Since Jensen did not speak to Star for this story, we wonder where in the hotel room the tabloid’s “insider” was hiding while Bieber and Jensen purportedly went at it. In any case, the story is 100 percent FALSE. Star previously implied that Gomez may have cheated on Bieber, and it’s clear the tabloid feels emboldened to publish pretty much anything it wants when it comes to behind-the-door details of the former couple’s relationship.

By claiming Bieber had a drug-fueled “sex romp” back in December with a woman who’s said no such thing, filling it out with tawdry language, and retroactively claiming it was the reason for Gomez and Bieber calling it quits, Star certainly has a dirty little story to share. It’s just not an accurate one. A rep for Bieber tells Gossip Cop the Star story is totally not true.

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