Miley Cyrus: I’m A “Bad B*tch” + MORE Highlights From The Movement Doc

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By Shari Weiss


Miley CyrusMTV documentary, “The Movement,” aired on Wednesday, with the singer explaining how she’s gone from “Hannah Montana” to being “the bad b*tch I really am.”

The starlet insists that she’s not going through a “transition,” but is actually starting a “movement.”

“Every decision goes into a bigger plan…,” she says of her recent choices. “For me, the movement has to be bigger than just a record. For me, a movement represents like taking over the world.”

Cyrus goes on, “It’s not a transition… I’m the same human. I’ve got the same heart I did five years ago.”

With her early success on Disney’s “Hannah,” the former actress says she’s “never been like a normal person because I’ve had to grow up so quick.”

Following an attempt at movies after the end of the show, Cyrus says she decided she’s “never doing that again. I’m gonna do music for the rest of my life.”

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Cyrus spent three months in Philadelphia earlier this year working on her Bangerz album, which she calls “the best time of my life.”

“I was in a little apartment, and I was like a real person for a minute,” she recalls, relishing the anonymity the location afforded her.

It was then that the star decided to shed her locks for her now-infamous platinum pixie cut, saying, “I felt like I had to let go of the past in a way” and “open up.”

“I felt like I could finally be the bad b*tch I really am,” explains Cyrus.

She goes on to say that she put her new record “before everything else in my life,” noting that if she doesn’t “make this the biggest thing,” she will have “sacrificed” a lot for nothing.

Cyrus says she still finds inspiration in one of her earliest idols, Britney Spears.

“Everything’s about what’s going to be the biggest moment in pop culture…,” says the singer. “She’s got so many of those moments that people will never forget. It’s about living and being in that moment.”

Of course, Cyrus did have her own VMAs moment in August, a performance she calls “a strategic hot mess.”

With the success of “We Can’t Stop,” Cyrus says she now has “this freedom to do whatever I want, because people trust me.”

“Right now I’m at a point in my career where I can be exactly where I want to be,” says the “Wrecking Ball” songstress, confessing that she doesn’t worry about “repercussions.”

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Cyrus points out that “at the end of the day, the person that has to be happy is me,” and speculates that many consumers get bent out of shape “watching people grow up” because they feel not just a “connection” to a star they’ve followed for years, but also “entitled.”

A self-described “control freak,” the singer says “if I’m gonna do it, it has to be the biggest and the best.”

“Everyone has to be somewhat the same, and I wanna be the one that goes against that,” she explains. “I want people to continue to think they’ve draw a line.”

Cyrus further says, “We’re in 2013. I live in America where we’re the land of the free, and I feel like if you can’t express yourself, you’re not very free.”

“Any time I do something, I want to remember this is what separates me from everybody else,” says the chart-topper, adding, “There’s no other life for me but entertaining. I was like born to become who I am right now.”

Citing the response to her VMA performance (which she says was meant to be “funny” and not a “raunchy sex show), Cyrus says she doesn’t “pay attention to the negative,” noting, “You’re always going to be making people talk. You might as well make them talk for two weeks rather than two seconds.”

“This is now people getting to see what the movement is really about…,” explains Cyrus. “I’m just smiling, having fun, loving life. That’s why I can’t complain, because when I look behind me, I can’t believe it’s real.”

She adds, “Right now I still feel like I’m beginning.”

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