CLAIM: Miley Cyrus Talks Trash About Taylor Momsen

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By Michael Lewittes


Today, a number of sites, including OceanUp and The True Gossip, ran an interview Miley Cyrus gave to College Cures. In the “interview,” Cyrus allegedly had a few not so complimentary thoughts about “Gossip Girl” star Taylor Momsen.

When Cyrus was asked what she had in common with Momsen, the former “Hannah Montana” star replied, “The only thing we have in common is our love for music, singing and acting.”

And as for whether the “press has turned a blind eye to Taylor and focused their attention” on Cyrus, the So Undercover lead felt Momsen got a little bit of a break, and explained, “My fan base has always been a younger audience than hers, but people seem to forget the fact that she’s younger than me; she’s on Gossip Girl, younger people watch that too! Just because I worked for the Disney Channel doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to grow up and Taylor is. She’s seventeen years old. She has young people watching her, too.”

Of course, there’s one slight – no, BIG – problem with the interview. Cyrus NEVER gave this interview, a point College Cures later apologetically acknowledged, though inexplicably OceanUp and the ironically titled The True Gossip have yet to rectify. Once again, this “interview” is as FAKE as the supposed topless cell phone shot of Cyrus.

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