Miley Cyrus Tells Australian Show Sunday Night She “Loves” Liam Hemsworth, Elvis Invented Twerking + More – WATCH VIDEO

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Miley Cyrus Sunday Night Elvis twerking Liam Hemsworth

By Michael Lewittes


Miley Cyrus Sunday Night Elvis twerking Liam Hemsworth

(Sunday Night)

Miley Cyrus says she “loves” her ex-fiance Liam Hemworth, Elvis was twerking way before her (though no one ever called him “a slut”), and her real “job is to be this strong female figure.”

The singing star gave an interview to the Australian show, “Sunday Night,” in which she also talks candidly about her love for walking around half-dressed, smoking pot, and how “everything I do is for me and my own happiness.”

Cyrus opens up about how she grew up in a home where her folks were “covered in tattoos” and “never thought marijuana was bad.”

To the “Wrecking Ball” singer, it’s all about being a good person. “I can wear some of the skimpiest things onstage, but if I pass somebody and feel I like I gotta help them… I can’t help myself, I have to.”

As you recall, Cyrus most recently had a young homeless man accept her “Video of the Year” award at the MTV Video Music Awards in an effort to shine a light on the youth homeless crisis in L.A. and across the rest of the U.S.

So, what’s important to her? Cyrus tells the TV show, “Be free, be yourself, be happy, read books, be the voice for animals.”

Note: Video no longer available.

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