Miley Cyrus NOT “Suicidal,” Despite Gross Claim By OK!

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By Michael Lewittes


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“Suicide Fears For Miley,” reads a particularly disgusting headline about Miley Cyrus in OK!

“Between the dramatic mourning over the loss of her pup Floyd and the public attack on former fiancé Liam Hemsworth,” writes the tab, Cyrus is “in a dark place, and pals are worried that the hard-partying pop star may even be borderline suicidal.”

The tab then alleges that Hemsworth was so worried about Cyrus after her recent hospitalization that they “discussed meeting up in Paris,” but when it didn’t happen, the singer “really took that to heart.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying that Cyrus is “in really bad shape. It’s not a good idea for her to be left alone.”

It’s true Cyrus’ dog passed away and she was terribly upset. And it’s true she and Hemsworth broke up.

But it is 100 percent WRONG that she’s suicidal.

And a magazine using verbiage like “may even be borderline suicidal” to protect itself legally and otherwise is not only inappropriate, but also downright reprehensible.

Regardless, a source close to Cyrus assures Gossip Cop exclusively that the entire OK! report is “not true.”

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