MAG: Liam Hemsworth Tells Miley Cyrus To Stop Dressing “Like a Tramp”

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By Shari Weiss


Miley Cyrus upset her future mother-in-law by parading around in ‘rear-vealing’ cutoff shorts — and now her engagement to Liam Hemsworth may be in jeopardy,” begins a piece in the National Enquirer.

According to the supermarket tab, Hemsworth is “furious” over Cyrus’ short shorts “because his mom Leonie freaked out over the photos” of them. Cyrus “went too far,” says a so-called “friend,” who alleges Hemsworth had previously “warned” his bride-to-be “about wearing the derriere-exposing white denim shorts.” In fact, the supposed pal claims The Hunger Games actor was so upset about it, he told Cyrus “she looked like a tramp.” Ouch.

So, how did Cyrus respond? She was at first “defiant,” says the Enquirer, which quotes its “source” as saying Cyrus later came to the realization that “her actions affect other people, especially Liam and his family.”

That’s a nice lesson to learn, but the National Enquirer’s story is totally FALSE. Cyrus has been wearing revealing clothing since she and Hemsworth started dating years ago. If he or his family had a problem with her wardrobe choices, why would he even propose, much less stay in a relationship with her? In any case, a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop it is “not true” they had a dispute over how she dresses — and their engagement is not “in jeopardy.”

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