Miley Cyrus “Intervention” Planned?

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By Daniel Gates


Miley Cyrus is the subject of another Star magazine smear job.

The tabloid, which has spent months printing false stories about the singer-actress — including allegations that she’s pregnant, in danger of having Liam Hemsworth call off their engagement and supposedly furious about his years-old crush — now insists that Cyrus’ friends and family are “seriously worried” about her recent behavior and want to “stage an intervention.”

An intervention?

What, exactly, is the “behavior” that’s prompted Star to spread that kind of alarm?

“Miley’s become a completely different person,” a so-called “friend” explains to the tabloid. “Her new look and change in mentality make her almost unrecognizable to those who know her best.”

Um, she got a haircut.

That’s “her new look.”

But Cyrus’ “friend” says, “Everyone is scared that she could be the next Hollywood casualty.”

The magazine claims it “all began with her recent excessive weight loss” — a bogus allegation the tabloids have been using intermittently for years at this point — noting that Cyrus’ “rebellious acts” have included cutting herself, “getting more tattoos, regularly smoking cigarettes and marijuana, living in filth and, of course, the infamous haircut.”

By listing true things (haircuts, tattoos) with falsehoods (self-mutilation, eating disorders), Star tries to make its b.s. story about the need for an “intervention” look halfway legitimate.

The “friend” explains, “The family has actually been talking about an intervention for a while, but the haircut was the icing on the cake. The only conclusion they can come to for her erratic behavior is that she’s on drugs.”


Her haircut can “only” be explained by drugs?

This is absurd, even by Star’s low standards.

Of course, the trashy magazine doesn’t even have the guts to stand by its conviction that an “intervention” is imminent, copping out by saying its “source” claims everyone is “waiting for Liam to get back from filming Paranoia in Philadelphia before intervening.”

By then, Star will have made up another dozen false stories about Cyrus.

A rep for Cyrus calls the mag’s latest allegations “ridiculous.”

That pretty much sums up Star.

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