CLAIM: Miley Cyrus Haircut “Reminiscent Of Britney Spears’ Downward Spiral”

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By Shari Weiss


Miley Cyrus‘Provocative Behavior’ Is Reminiscent Of Britney Spears’ Downward Spiral,” reads another ridiculous headline from the sensationalists at RadarOnline. Calling the starlet’s recent haircut a “a drastic move,” the webloid goes on to claim that Cyrus’ new look “is the latest sign that the teenager could be suffering from some form of emotional trauma.”

“The newly-engaged star’s drastic new ’do comes in the wake of speculation that she has been cutting herself again” (wrong), and is “hot on the heels of the dramatic weight loss” (wrong again) that she has “chronicled on Twitter with flesh-baring photos,” continues RadarOnline.

To back up its theory, the site quotes a so-called “expert” — who has NEVER treated the star — as saying, “Miley Cyrus’ parade of unusual and provocative behavior recently reminds me of Britney Spears’ downward spiral in the past.” The cherry-picked psychologist, who has also NEVER treated Spears, says, “The apparent recent marks on her wrist, the drastic haircut, and an undeniably fledgling career suggest to me that Miley is overwhelmed with anxiety, feeling lost and uncertain about her future.”

“Her loved ones should keep a close eye on her in case her impulsive behavior continues and gets worse, potentially putting her at risk of self-harm,” adds the graduate degree-earned shrink.

Wait, didn’t RadarOnline just claim Cyrus was already self-harming? Either way — enough! Getting a new, trendy haircut is hardly a sign of “emotional trauma,” and Cyrus’ career is far from “fledgling.” In fact, the singer-actress seems to be doing better than ever, gushing on Twitter about the “bliss” she’s been enjoying lately, and even noting that fiance Liam Hemsworth thinks she looks “the happiest he’s seen me in a while.” It’s a shame lame webloids like RadarOnline prefer to tear Cyrus down with baseless allegations than simply report the truth.

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