Miley Cyrus & French Montana “More Than Just Friends”?

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By Michael Lewittes

French Montana Hooking Up


Miley Cyrus Flirts & Grinds On French Montana After Jingle Ball,” reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which has has been called out by the “Wrecking Ball” singer in the past for its phony reports. According to the webloid, which falsely reported two months ago that Cyrus was pregnant, she recently was “looking like way more than just friends with rapper French Montana.”

A so-called “eyewitness” for the so-called site claims after the Jingle Ball in New York, “Things were getting very hot and steamy between Miley and French.” The blog’s bogus “insider” is quoted as unnaturally saying, “Miley was doing some post-show flirting with French Montana before leaving MSG and heading to the after-party.”

The webloid then notes that there are pictures showing the two “hugging each other, joking around, and overall just looking completely enamored with one another.” Insanely, HollywoodLife then asks it’s readers, “Do you think Miley and French hooked up?”

Note to HollywoodLife: Your readers were not there. They are not reporters. So why are you asking if they think Cyrus and Montana are “hooking up”? Regardless, HollywoodLies, er HollywoodLife is WRONG again. Cyrus and Montana are NOT dating. On Sunday, Cyrus tweeted, “DONT hug your friends goodbye unless you wanna be rumored ‘dating.'” Oh, snap!

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