Miley Cyrus Fan Sneaks Backstage Disguised As Janitor After Concert

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Miley Cyrus Fan Backstage Anthony Skinner

By Michael Lewittes


Miley Cyrus Fan Backstage Anthony Skinner

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Miley Cyrus fan Anthony Skinner claims he slipped past security and snuck backstage, disguised as a janitor, after the singer’s Friday night Bangerz tour concert at the Allphones Arena in Sydney.

Skinner, a 23-year-old club promoter, took to Instagram afterwards to share a photo of himself in a neon yellow safety vest, which he captioned, “Did just pretend to be a cleaner, and ninja’d my way into the @mileycyrus personal afterparty.”

Skinner tells BBC Newsbeat that he was in the arena’s parking lot when he saw that the janitor’s storeroom had been left open. “I looked around and on the floor there’s a pair of boots, and on the couch there’s this hi-vis vest,” he explains. “My mindset was ‘See how far you can take this.’ It wasn’t planned at all. Everything just fell into place so perfectly.”

The fan then stored his belongings in a garbage container that he rolled down a ramp past security. Skinner says the arena’s security team “didn’t even look at me…. I just thought ‘Play this cool, play this cool.'” He notes, “It was such tight security, they weren’t letting anyone in and [yet] they let me in because I was pushing a bin.”

Skinner goes on to say he continued on toward the venue’s green room where he saw Cyrus’ DJs, The Faders, comedian Chris Lilley and other celebs. But his visit backstage wasn’t as fun or as glamorous as you would think. The janitor in disguise found himself working as he waited to catch a glimpse of Cyrus.

“I just started emptying bins, sweeping up the floor and stuff,” he says. “I’m cleaning up for about 40 minutes to an hour. Not pretending to clean up, actually cleaning.” That’s when Cyrus finally emerged surrounded by security. “My whole brain just emptied,” he recalls. “I saw her and froze. All I could get out was ‘Hey.’ She looked at me, smiled and just kept walking. If I did actually meet her I wouldn’t have anything left to do. I’d have to come up with a whole new goal.”

Before seeing Cyrus, Skinner had another plan for contacting the singer. He went up to a member of her team and gave that person his “favorite jacket of all time,” claiming the was a fashion designer. Inside the jacket, Skinner placed a letter that had his social media handles and phone number, in case Cyrus wanted to make contact with him. While the person assured Skinner that he would give her the jacket, he has yet to hear from Cyrus. Even Skinner notes, “I probably wouldn’t call me.”

Allphones Arena has yet to comment on the security breach.

This isn’t the first time a Cyrus fan has snuck backstage. Last March, 18-year-old Tucker Salvesen was arrested after getting into Cyrus’ dressing room and leaving her a note before a concert in Omaha.

Check out the photos below from Skinner, and tell us what you think of his crazy backstage story.

Anthony Skinner Miley Cyrus Backstage


Miley Cyrus Fan Letter Anthony Skinner


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