MAG: Miley Cyrus Worried Emma Roberts Will “Steal” Liam Hemsworth

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By Daniel Gates



Miley Cyrus has issued a stern warning to fiancé Liam Hemsworth’s wild-child co-star Emma Roberts,” reports the National Enquirer.

Cyrus’ alleged “warning”? “Hands off my man!”

The tabloid claims Cyrus is “terrified” that Roberts, who is working with Hemsworth on the movie Empire State, is “trying to steal her sweetheart.” According to an “insider” for the Enquirer, “Miley’s become super-protective since she and Liam got engaged. She’s worried that while he’s off making movies with hot women, he’ll be tempted to cheat.”

Um, if Cyrus actually thought Hemsworth was at constant risk of cheating, they would not have gotten engaged in the first place. Nevertheless, the Enquirer really, really pushes the idea of a Cyrus-Roberts feud. “Miley doesn’t want Liam socializing with a loose cannon like Emma,” explains the tab’s “insider,” adding, “She thinks the girl is bad news.”

The magazine’s “source” says Roberts, meanwhile, “couldn’t care less what Miley thinks. She makes fun of Miley behind her back, saying she’s just a washed-up tween star.”

We can’t say we’re surprised the Enquirer has stooped to manufacturing this “jealous” battle between Cyrus and Roberts, given just how flat-out bad the tabloid’s track record has been with Cyrus “news.” This is the same publication that claimed Cyrus caused her parents’ divorce and recently alleged that Hemsworth told her to stop dressing “like a tramp” and that their engagement was in danger. In other words, the Enquirer is clueless when it comes to Cyrus, and is now resorting to the time-honored tabloid tradition of creating “jealousy” between a star and her fiancé’s co-worker.

A source close to Cyrus tells Gossip Cop there’s no friction between her and Roberts, and that the Enquirer story is “laughable.”

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