Miley Cyrus NOT “Drag Racing” In Smart Car, Despite Reports

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By Daniel Gates


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Miley Cyrus was NOT actually spotted “drag racing” in a smart car, despite what RadarOnline and other outlets have reported.

The webloid cites the Facebook page of Travis Kipp, who on January 3 posted a picture of Cyrus signaling from an adjacent vehicle (see below), captioning it, “Miley tried to race us down Sunset Blvd in a Smart Car. Needless to say we won.”

Kipp was joking… but the humor was lost on RadarOnline, which even linked Cyrus’ “high-speed outing” to the recent death of Paul Walker in a car accident.

The whole thing is pure sensationalism.

(For one thing, Cyrus isn’t even behind the wheel in the photo, but why should facts matter?)

Kipp has set the record straight, telling E! News, “Miley and I have a bunch of mutual friends and she pulled up next to us in her friend’s smart car. She was not driving. And we were next to her in a suped up ’57 Thunderbird.”

He continued, “We were just joking around saying ‘Oh lets drag race,’ but we didn’t drag race at all. We were sitting at a stoplight.” “I posted the photo on my Instagram saying ‘Miley tried to drag race me,’ but we were totally joking around and somebody picked it up off my Instagram and blew it up into this huge story,” explained Kipp. “You can tell by the picture that she isn’t even driving the car. It’s so ridiculous.” Yeah, this is how bad rumors spread.

(Facebook/Travis Kipp)

(Facebook/Travis Kipp)

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Miley Cyrus was spotted drag racing in a smart car.

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