Miley Cyrus “Disses” Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber, Claims Site

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By Daniel Gates


Miley Cyrus Disses Rebecca Black & Bieber,” blares yet another wildly inaccurate HollywoodLife headline. According to the blog, “Cyrus seems to be having some trouble dealing with her decreased popularity following the end of Hannah Montana, and [she’s] taking it out on Rebecca Black!”

HollywoodLife quotes Australia’s Daily Telegraph, in which Cyrus said, “It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour.” Then the site notes, “Miley seems to forget however that there is one major star who got his big break of YouTube — Justin Bieber! Justin’s videos were what first caught the attention of record labels, and there seem to be more and more young stars just like him these days!”

That’s a genuinely excellent point. Now let’s return from HollywoodLife’s fantasy land to the realm of reality. For starters, Cyrus NEVER called out – or even mentioned – Rebecca Black. Cyrus didn’t “take it out” on Black. HollywoodLife did. Nor did Cyrus “forget” Bieber. In fact, a source close to Cyrus – and privvy to the full interview with the Daily Telegraph – tells Gossip Cop the star’s comment was a direct response to a question about YouTube sensations like Justin Bieber.

Our insider tells us, “Miley said Justin was a friend” and “talked about how hard he’s worked” to make it ever since his music was posted on YouTube. In other words, Cyrus slammed neither Black nor Bieber, despite HollywoodLife’s misleading headline, story, and photos of Black and Bieber above a picture of Cyrus (above) to falsely convey strife between her and the other singers.

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Miley Cyrus dissed Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber.

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