Miley Cyrus “Found Dead” Hoax Spreads

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Miley Cyrus Dead July 2014

By Daniel Gates

Miley Cyrus Dead July 2014

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Miley Cyrus is the victim of another death hoax. In recent hours, a fake Facebook report went viral, claiming that the pop star had allegedly been “found dead in her Los Angeles home!”

“Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home,” reads the bogus post, which is actually a scam that sends anyone who clicks to unrelated surveys that make money for the pranksters. Miley Cyrus is alive. The “dead” report is 100 percent false.

Unfortunately, plenty of fans were alarmed by the headline, leading them to spread the rumor on Twitter and Facebook throughout Saturday, causing more fans to ask whether Cyrus was OK. These sick hoaxes have got to stop. Similar bogus stories have also “killed” people ranging from Eddie Murphy to Megan Fox. It usually starts in the same way: a fake news site or a virus-causing social media posts announces such and such celeb has died in an unfortunate accident.

Once it spreads on social media, phrases like “RIP [insert name]” start trending, only causing the false claims to penetrate even further. Each time, Gossip Cop has set the record straight. But frankly, when it comes to these stories, we shouldn’t have to. Again: These sick hoaxes have to stop.

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