Miley Cyrus NOT Dead — False “Drug Overdose” Fears Spread By Site

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Miley Cyrus Dead

By Daniel Gates

Miley Cyrus Dead


Miley Cyrus is NOT dead. Miley Cyrus did NOT die of a drug overdose. And the outlet most responsible for fueling reckless speculation about Cyrus’ status is none other than HollywoodLife. The webloid wants to pretend it’s clearing up a major death hoax rumor, except it’d be more accurate to say that HollywoodLife seems to be trying to exploit fans’ worries.

A few days ago, yet another “Miley Cyrus dead” hoax popped up on social media, but it gained very little traction compared to previous versions. When Gossip Cop busts a phony death story, it’s usually because the false rumor has begun to trend on Twitter or generates momentum on Facebook.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife tweeted, “Oh no! Fans are freaking out over Miley Cyrus! Is something seriously wrong?” That’s a pretty alarming tweet that gives no indication that something is “wrong” with the story, not Cyrus.

The actual HollywoodLife post is even worse. Its headline reads: “Miley Cyrus: Is She Alive? Fans Freak Out.” It includes phrases like “Miley Cyrus Dead — Fans Freak Out Over Shocking Overdose Claim” and “How upsetting. A shocking new report on social media claims that Miley Cyrus is dead. Could it be true?”

But when you look on Twitter for references to Miley Cyrus being “dead,” almost all of them refer to the HollywoodLife storynot any kind of previously existing hoax. And most of the allegedly panicked tweets HollywoodLife uses for its story are NOT from fans worried Cyrus is dead — they’re from fans who are joking about the dumb hoax.

HollywoodLife should try to find a new way of getting traffic instead of exploiting fears about a celebrity death and then being deliberately vague about the validity of those fears. Leave the debunking to Gossip Cop.

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Miley Cyrus might be dead.

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