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Perez 100 percent wrongly claims Miley Cyrus cheating

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By Michael Lewittes




As if it weren’t bad enough that Perez Hilton tweeted out an inappropriate upskirt shot of an underage Miley Cyrus, now the bad blogger has posted a story with a headline that reads, “Miley Cheating on Liam?!”

An accusatory Perez writes, “Looky who we have here!” and “Miley Cyrus is sure looking pretty cozy next to a guy that’s not her boyfriend.”

Maybe Perez should “looky” again because, in addition to that not being Cyrus’ boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, the woman pictured is NOT Miley Cyrus either.

Although Gossip Cop didn’t even need to ask, a rep for Cyrus reiterated, “That’s not her.”

Maybe Perez should looky for a new day job.

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