Miley Cyrus Can’t Spell “Schwarzenegger” (VIDEO)

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Miley Cyrus Spell Schwarzenegger

By Daniel Gates


Miley Cyrus Spell Schwarzenegger


Miley Cyrus can’t spell “Schwarzenegger.” Granted, her boyfriend Patrick’s last name isn’t the easiest, but the singer only recently discovered there’s no “T” in it. Cyrus talked about that, the Grammys, and her charity work on Friday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the video below!

The pop star’s “GMA” appearance promoted her work with MAC to raise money through cosmetics sales for its AIDS campaign. Cyrus explained, “I’m not the way that people try to make me seem. I don’t go around just trashing hotel rooms and partying. [I’m] working on music that I love and being involved in things that I love.”

Cyrus also took “GMA” to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where she works with young adults, and feels more like a “role model” than she might while performing music on stage or in the studio. “What is important to teach people is that you can’t judge other people,” said the singer. As for the upcoming Grammys, Cyrus noted, “I’ll probably never get [a win], but I’m stoked about the nomination. It’s probably not going to happen, but I’m stoked to go.” Watch the video of Miley Cyrus on “Good Morning America” below, and tell us what you think!

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