Mag: Miley Cyrus Is At ‘Breaking Point’

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By Michael Lewittes


“MILEY SNAPS!” blares a headline in Star magazine, which claims that Miley Cyrus has hit a “breaking point” due to “months of stress and heartbreak.” The mag cites Cyrus’ run-ins with paparazzi on March 8 and 9, claiming that she “angrily lashed out at photographers, even throwing punches at one!”

According to a supposed “source” for the tabloid, the former Disney star’s so-called “violent outbursts” are due to the “mounting stress in her life” such as “her waning career and boy troubles.” “Miley’s in a funk because she doesn’t feel she’s getting as much attention as when she was Hannah Montana,” says another “insider.”

Hmm… If Cyrus was seeking attention, why would she be fending off the paparazzi? She wouldn’t.

The mag adds that “failed flings with John Mayer and Josh Bowman” also had to do with Cyrus’ “meltdowns.” Now this argument could be more believable than the “waning career” theory (Cyrus has two movies coming out this year), but Cyrus NEVER dated Mayer nor was she ever involved with Bowman. Double oops.

Oh, and one more thing: the former “Hannah Montana” star did NOT “throw punches” at a photographer. Gossip Cop has video footage of Cyrus’ recent encounter with the paps, and anyone can see the young star is simply trying to protect her privacy – and her mom.

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