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Miley Cyrus Caused Parents’ Divorce?

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By Michael Lewittes


“Miley Blamed in Parents’ $100 Million Divorce,” reads the headline of a piece in the National Enquirer.

The tab claims “Miley Cyrusblockbuster success ripped apart her parents’ marriage.”

How so?

“The fight over Miley is what tore Tish and Billy Ray apart. They can’t agree on how to raise her, and it’s wrecked their marriage,” says an unnamed “insider,” who adds, “Billy Ray thinks Miley is becoming a spoiled-brat monster – and he thinks it’s all Tish’s fault.”

The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer allegedly thinks his wife is “too permissive and never says no to Miley.”


It’s all Tish’s fault because she’s supposedly not strict enough with one of their six combined kids?

Well, that’s mostly the Enquirer‘s take, though toward the end of the piece, for good measure, the tabloid adds there have been jealousy issues from both spouses.

“Tish has long struggled with jealousy issues concerning Billy Ray’s female fans,” and “the intimacy between Tish and Bret [Michaels] was pretty evident to Billy Ray,” notes the mag.

For the record, there’s nothing going on between Tish and Michaels. A rep for the Poison singer told Gossip Cop yesterday that claims of an affair were “untrue.”

As for the Enquirer‘s allegations that the couple is splitting because Tish isn’t enough of a disciplinarian, and both spouses have jealousy concerns, a rep for Tish tells Gossip Cop, “None of it is true.”

OK, but how much of it is inaccurate from Billy Ray’s perspective?

“The whole thing is wrong,” the singer’s rep tells Gossip Cop.

At least they can agree on that.

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