Site Spreads Fear That Miley Cyrus Has Eating Disorder

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife has decided to start new rumors that Miley Cyrus may be anorexic. The webloid, which prefers speculation to reporting, has an unhealthy and uninformed fixation on celebrities’ bodies, having earlier spread a totally fictional claim that Taylor Swift has breast implants.

Now that Cyrus has dropped weight via exercise and a gluten-free diet, scandal-chasing outlets are alleging that she has an eating disorder, a baseless charge she’s already slammed.

Never happy to let well enough alone (or allow people to just live their lives in peace), HollywoodLife has assembled a bunch of “experts” to express their “fear” that Cyrus does having an eating disorder. The site says Cyrus’ obsession with food in recent tweets “could signify a deeper, underlying issue,” while also dredging up unsubstantiated reports that the actress-singer may be “cutting” herself as well. “Let’s hope Miley hasn’t reverted back to her self-destructive ways!” declares HollywoodLife.

Actually, what’s probably more “destructive” is to take innocuous tweets and healthfully achieved weight loss and turn them into signs of something as serious as anorexia. HollywoodLife may think it’s expressing “concern” by examining whether Cyrus has an “eating disorder,” but by rehashing baseless theories and then hiding behind “experts” who have never treated her, the webloid has created a fresh wave of bogus speculation about Cyrus’ well being.

A source close to Cyrus tells Gossip Cop she’s lost weight the right way — through exercise and proper diet. Period.

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