Miley Cyrus Driving Liam Hemsworth “Crazy” On His Film Set?

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By Michael Lewittes


“They may be recently engaged, but Liam Hemsworths patience with fianceé Miley Cyrus is beginning to wear thin,” begins a story from RadarOnline. The site claims Hemsworth wants Cyrus “to go back to Los Angeles because she is proving to be too much of a distraction while he films his new movie Paranoia in Philadelphia.”

So, how is she supposedly distracting him? A so-called “source” for the webloid says, “Miley is driving Liam crazy at the moment,” explaining, “While he’s on set shooting his new film Paranoia, she gallivants around town shopping, getting pampered in nail salons and just can’t sit still.” (Nice made up quote there).

Umm… how exactly does Cyrus going shopping “distract” Hemsworth while he’s on set? That makes ZERO sense.

Anyway, the alleged insider goes on to add that when Hemsworth has wrapped for the day, “She chews his ear off about her adventures and can’t wait to tell him what she did that day.” So, basically, she has talks to him? How obnoxious! And that’s not the end of Cyrus’ offenses. The supposed source notes, “It doesn’t help that Miley brought along their bulldog, Ziggy for the trip. Liam can’t get a good night’s sleep with Ziggy snoring next to him.” We’re sure Hemsworth could find an alternate bed for Ziggy if he so chose. This story is just beyond stupid. If Hemsworth were really so annoyed with everything Cyrus did, he wouldn’t have invited her to Philadelphia in the first place, let alone propose to her. In any case, a source close to Hemsworth tells Gossip Cop the webloid’s tale is simply not true.

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