Mila Kunis “Beat The Baby Blues” By Losing Weight?

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Mila Kunis Postpartum Depression Baby Weight

By Michael Lewittes

Mila Kunis Postpartum Depression Baby Weight

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Mila Kunis never had postpartum depression, despite a shameless new report that claims the actress “beat the baby blues” by losing weight. Gossip Cop can debunk this nonsense, which originated in Life & Style, the same outlet that first falsely alleged she was having a “rough go of motherhood.”

A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid that during the first month of motherhood, Kunis was “fanatically concerned” with her newborn daughter Wyatt’s health and felt like she would “never lose the baby weight.” The outlet claims Kunis was supported by her fiance Ashton Kutcher as she set “goals for herself” and has since “lost more than 20 pounds.” The magazine’s “source” adds that the actress has “the eye of the tiger” when it comes to weight loss and the “slimdown” helped her “shake her postpartum blues.”

Here’s the truth: Kunis did not have to lose more than 20 pounds to get over postpartum depression, as alleged by the tabloid, because she never suffered from it in the first place. Last month, Life & Style fabricated a cheap story about Kunis being depressed and feeling fat after giving birth to Wyatt in October. After falsely claiming the new mom was distraught about her size, and then getting corrected by Gossip Cop, the outlet concocted this new ridiculous story about her curing her postnatal depression by dropping the baby weight. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop that Life & Styles story is absolutely “not true.”

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