Mila Kunis “Dramatic Delivery” Made Up By Desperate OK! Magazine (EXCLUSIVE)

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Mila Kunis Baby Delivery

By Daniel Gates


Mila Kunis Baby Delivery


Hey, remember when OK! misled its readers with a completely fictional cover story about Jessica Simpson’s “dramatic delivery”?

The tabloid just did it again, using the same phrase, this time with Mila Kunis!

According to the magazine, which has a lot of trouble separating journalism from daydreams, Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had some “delivery room drama.”

What allegedly happened? The OK! cover, of course, makes it seem as though Kunis already gave birth. It’s the type of bait-and-switch b.s. that happens when a magazine has no actual scoop.

Kunis has NOT given birth.

Nor did she have a “frantic” false alarm trip to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles (despite what OK! claims), nor are she and Kutcher at odds over her parents’ involvement (contrary to what OK! claims), nor is Demi Moore making things stressful for the couple (notwithstanding what OK! claims).

The entire article essentially argues that Kunis and Kutcher are panic-stricken and “freaking out” about the impending arrival, mostly because OK! has nothing new and accurate to say until Kunis actually gives birth. It’s all “100 percent totally false,” a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop exclusively.

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