Michelle Williams Wants to “Ruin” Katie Holmes’ “Relationship” With Luke Kirby?

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By Shari Weiss

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Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes’ friendship appears to be up Dawson’s Creek,” says Star, which claims the former co-stars are having “romantic woes — because Michelle is determined to ruin Katie’s new relationship with Luke Kirby.” A supposed source tells the tabloid that Williams, who starred alongside Kirby in the romantic drama Take This Waltz, “is very protective of Luke.”

The so-called “friend” supposedly says Williams “thinks he can do much better than Katie,” with whom he’s currently filming the movie Mania Days. But Star goes on to note that Kirby “isn’t phased by his gal pal’s advice,” and that “Katie told Michelle to keep her opinions to herself.” “Luke feels stuck in the middle, but he wants to keep pursuing the relationship,” alleges the “source,” prompting the magazine to declare “Katie: 1, Michelle: 0.”

Actually, it should just be “Star Magazine: 0″ — because Holmes and Kirby are NOT even dating. As Gossip Cop has reported — multiples times — the two are simply playing romantic leads in their new film. It is pretend. They are NOT a real-life couple. In any case, a source close to Williams tells Gossip Cop that she is not offering Kirby any sort of romantic “advice” about Holmes or otherwise.

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