Michael Lohan Fires Back at Rosie O’Donnell Over Lindsay Comments

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By Daniel Gates



Michael Lohan is slamming Rosie O’Donnell for the TV personality’s comments about his daughter on Tuesday’s “Today Show.”

O’Donnell criticized the decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming movie, saying, “I don’t think she’s capable at this point” to portray Taylor.

Now the elder Lohan is defending Lindsay and blasting O’Donnell’s remarks.

Lohan tells Gossip Cop that O’Donnell is in no position to judge his daughter.

“He/she who is without sin, let them cast the first stone and judge not lest you be judged,” says Lohan, going on to note O’Donnell’s “failed marriage, two failed shows, slamming other celebs and high profile people. Please!”

He acknowledges, “My daughter and even I may have had our issues in life, but it’s about making things right and turning things around… I was and am the first one to point out my own faults, Lindsay’s and even others when we are wrong, but when we are not, I will fight tooth and nail for what’s right!”

Lohan continues, “In this case, Rosie, you are wrong. So why don’t you… just sit back. Shut up and see if Lindsay proves herself before blabbing your unwarranted opinions.”

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