Michael Jackson Paramedic Says Singer Could Have Been Saved


By Michael Lewittes


The paramedic who responded to Dr. Conrad Murray‘s 911 call on the day Michael Jackson died testified today that he may have been able to save Jackson’s life had Dr. Murray not waited to report the emergency.

EMT Richard Senneff took the stand in Murray’s manslaughter trial, and told the court that the doctor withheld crucial information in the final, frantic moments of Jackson’s life. Senneff testified that Murray told him he had called 911 the second he realized something was wrong with Jackson, when in reality Murray had waited 20 minutes. The EMT felt there was a good chance he and his colleagues could have restarted Jackson’s heart had Murray called earlier.

Senneff also testified that he asked Murray if Jackson had any health conditions three times before Murray responded that he had none, which Senneff said made no sense since there was an IV and other medical equipment in the room. He added that when he asked what medications Jackson was taking, Murray initially said he hadn’t taken anything, and then later admitted he’d taken Lorazepam. Senneff maintained that never in the 47 minutes he was attending to the singer did Murray mention Propofol, the drug which is believed to have caused Jackson’s death.

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