Michael J. Fox Sues Laboratory: You Left Fridge Open — And DESTROYED Our Parkinson’s Disease Research!

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Michael J Fox Foundation Lawsuit

By Shari Weiss

Michael J Fox Foundation Lawsuit

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The Michael J. Fox Foundation is suing a laboratory in New Jersey for allegedly ruining thousands of medical samples and consequently devastating their Parkinson’s disease research project.

According to a lawsuit filed on Friday, the Coriell Institute for Medical Research — a nonprofit, independent facility — was housing more than 25,000 specimens for a study.

But Fox and his organization claim that while the samples had to be stored at -80 degrees Celsius (-112 Fahrenheit), someone at the lab left the freezer door open — destroying all the material.

Due to the thawing, the specimens were no longer usable for the study.

The suit says more than $3.5 million worth of research materials has now gone to waste, causing a severe setback for the 5-year project.

The future of the study, if it can be salvaged at all, is unclear.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is suing for breach of contract, negligence, and is seeking unspecified damages.


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