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Michael Douglas Death Watch Story is Just Disgusting

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By Michael Lewittes


(National Enquirer)

Michael Douglas: 3 Months to Live,” declares the latest National Enquirer.

According to the tab, Douglas’ “friends fear” the cancer-stricken star “could be gone by early in the New Year.”

The rag claims Douglas “has lost more than 20 percent of his body weight after undergoing grueling chemotherapy and  radiation treatments,” and he’s been having “trouble eating solid food.”

“Michael’s weight has dropped from a high of about 175 pounds to a low of 139 now – and his weight loss doesn’t seem to be stopping,” says a so-called “source close to Douglas.”

The Enquirer, which repeatedly peppers its piece with the word, “If,” also claims there’s “speculation that Douglas’ cancer battle is much more serious than he has admitted.”

In fact, the tabloid says the Wall Street star recently purchased a mansion in Bedford, N.Y., because he “will want to be buried on the bucolic estate, which features ponds, pool and guesthouse.”

Not sure how a guesthouse or pool benefits someone who’s deceased.

More seriously, this is just another inaccurate report about Douglas.

Gossip Cop spoke to Douglas’ long-time friend and rep Allen Burry, who calls the Enquirer‘s cover story “really disgusting.”

Burry also says, for the record, that the article’s claims are “complete fabrications” and untruths,” and notes rightfully that one doesn’t regain their pre-treatment appearance “in three seconds.”

Three seconds, incidentally, is about all the time the Enquirer must have spent fact-checking its story.

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