Michael Douglas “Back on Booze” Claim Is Dry on Facts

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By Michael Lewittes

Michael Douglas

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Michael Douglas: Back on Booze,” reads the headline of a piece in the National Enquirer, which goes on to claim, “Douglas is drinking again – and experts fear it could trigger his former booze addiction and derail his battle against Stage 4 throat cancer!” According to the supermarket tab, Douglas “was recently spotted ordering wine at a swanky seafood restaurant.”

Not surprisingly, the Enquirer doesn’t say WHEN, WHERE or at WHICH restaurant this allegedly took place. (Hint: That’s because it NEVER happened.) Instead, after making its groundless boozing accusation, the rag simply has doctor after doctor discuss how detrimental it can be for a cancer patient to drink. Of course, none of the doctors quoted treat Douglas or have any knowledge of him drinking.

The Enquirer seemingly manufactured the story, based on a comment Douglas himself made when he told David Letterman early on in his treatment in August that his throat cancer is “caused by alcohol and drinking.” (Note: the Enquirer actually misquoted Douglas as saying “alcohol drinking” in its fabricated story.) Of course, this is the same publication that previously ran several inaccurate Douglas articles, including a cover story nearly six months ago that read, “Michael Douglas: 3 Months to Live.”

A rep for Douglas further confirms to Gossip Cop that the drinking story is “not true.” Perhaps the ones drinking are the reporters at the Enquirer who can’t pinpoint when or even which continent where this “back of booze” episode supposedly took place. Shameful.

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Michael Douglas is back on booze.

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