WATCH: Micah Johnson Overcomes Speech Impediment to Wow Judges on “Idol”


By Shari Weiss



Micah Johnson, who was left with a significant speech impediment after a medical procedure gone wrong, shocked the judges on Wednesday’s “American Idol.”

The 24-year-old explained that his doctor hit some nerves while removing his tonsils, seriously altering his ability to speak.

But as Johnson showed in his audition, his singing voice remains as incredible as ever.

“This is the biggest fake-out I think we’ve ever had,” said Randy Jackson, admitting, “We were leaning in because we couldn’t even hear you speak, but then you open your mouth and you sing like a bird.”

Nicki Minaj noted, “As soon as you start singing, you transform into a beautiful voice. Absolutely, without a doubt ready for the competition.”

Added Mariah Carey, “I was moved by your story, but even if you didn’t have that story, I still would’ve been moved by your voice.”

Video is no longer available.

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