Melissa McCarthy: I Dated “Many” Gay Men

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By Daniel Gates

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Melissa McCarthy says she’s dated her fair share of gay men.

Asked by The Advocate whether she’s ever been romantic with someone who turned out to be gay, the actress replies, “Just one? There were so many. In my early 20s I was like the last stop before a guy said, ‘Yep, it’s official: I’m gay.'”

She recalls, “I’d be like, ‘Really?!’ I’d think, But he’s so funny, so charming, and such a good dresser. I never saw it coming.”

In the interview, McCarthy goes into detail about her personal and professional relationships with gay men and women.

She says that growing up, “All of my friends were gay. In high school we started going to downtown Chicago clubs like Berlin, one of the best gay bars ever.”

“I remember being undressed and then redressed by two drag queens up on a pillar, and at the end I looked like Bea Arthur,” remembers McCarthy. “At 43, it’s still one of the greatest nights of my life.”

She says, “My best gay friends — most of the attendants at my wedding — are also my funniest friends. It’s a loyal group that stays current, so it’s a tough crowd. If I can please them, I feel really proud.”

Did she ever question her own sexual identity?

The actress responds, “I don’t buy it if anyone says they haven’t. I think everyone does at some point.”

McCarthy continues, “Growing up with so many gay friends, I was always in the minority as a straight girl, so there was definitely a time when I was like, ‘Boy, everywhere we go, I’m not meeting any fun guys… Am I looking in the wrong place?’ But then I met [husband Ben Falcone] and [sighs] I liked him. It’s all just part of growing up and finding yourself.”

Who would she be into, if she liked women?

“The more I watch Girls the more I realize I’m crazy about Lena Dunham,” McCarthy tells the outlet. “She’s my girl crush. She’s smart, funny, confident, and she isn’t afraid to look awkward. She’s exactly who she is, take it or leave it. Nothing’s more charming than someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

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