Melissa McCarthy: I Went To Adam Levine’s Bikini-Filled Halloween Party Dressed As My Frumpy Aunt Bernice! (VIDEO)

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Melissa McCarthy Jimmy Kimmel Live October 2014

By Michael Lewittes


Melissa McCarthy Jimmy Kimmel Live October 2014


Melissa McCarthy revealed on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she once attended a “massive” Adam Levine Halloween party, but felt a bit out of place costumed as her curly, redheaded kerchief-loving aunt Bernice from Skokie, Illinois.


McCarthy noted she used to be neighbors with the Maroon 5 singer at the time he once threw a huge costume party. “I am pretty sure we got a pity invite just so we couldn’t call the cops,” McCarthy told the talk show host. “I was not hanging out with Adam Levine.”

After Kimmel shared a hilarious photo of McCarthy standing next to Jennifer Esposito in her “Aunt Bernice” costume, with a short curly red wig, large sunglasses and a kerchief around her neck, the actress explained she was a lot overdressed compared to the other guests, who were all women in bikinis. McCarthy recalled the women said they were dressed up, for example, as doctors, but that really that meant a bikini with a stethoscope wrapped around their waists. “Every single woman had a bikini on of a different ilk,” said the comedic actress, to which Kimmel interjected, “At Adam Levine’s house? I find that so hard to believe.” McCarthy claimed the other guests were “horrified” by her costume.

McCarthy then recalled an even scarier experience she had in L.A. when she once got held up at gunpoint while starting out in Hollywood. “I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have a car,” she said. “I lived in Santa Monica. My nice friend let me move into his studio, where we slept in his kitchen.” She continued, “I worked at Starbucks, I worked at the Y in Santa Monica, and I worked at a dry cleaners, where I was actually held up, at 3 in the afternoon on Wilshire [Boulevard] and 3rd, which is like, sunny, and bright, and people are out walking.”

McCarthy said walked in and “there was a guy behind the register,” which she thought was weird. “Then I see a gun and I was like ‘Oh my god!’ I couldn’t… everything that you should say or do did not happen. He had my backpack, which was like, my license, my keys, my makeup.” Apparently, the makeup was a big deal. McCarthy told Kimmel, “I didn’t have a dime, I was like, ‘I can’t replace mascara! I don’t have any money!’ I just kept crying and going, ‘You have my bag! It has my makeup in it!'” Looking back, the actress said she was being an “idiot” for fighting with the robber. “Why didn’t I just go like ‘take it,’ instead I was like my mascara,” she said, while faking sobs.

The actress also dished about working with her St. Vincent co-star Bill Murray and how the actor convinced the whole cast to ditch a scheduled press junket and drives to friend’s house for french toast.

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