MC Hammer Arrested, Blasts Cop For Alleged Racial Profiling


MC Hammer is blasting police for alleged racial profiling after being arrested on suspicion of obstruction and resisting an officer.

Late Thursday, the performer was arrested following an incident at a shopping center in Dublin, California.

He was booked at Santa Rita Jail and released.

On Saturday, Hammer gave his version of events on Twitter, claiming that it began when the officer — whom he refers to as a “chubby elvis looking dude” — tapped on his car window and asked, “Are you on parole or probation?”

“While I was handing him my ID he reached in my car and tried to pull me out the car but forgot he was on a steady donut diet,” tweeted Hammer, adding, “It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help (MallCop)!!!”

He continued, “But make no mistake he’s dangerous. Only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge. I was cited for obstruction smh.”

Hammer went on to write, “You have to know me to understand I was laughing when he was grunting and pulling on me… I had just left the weight room.”

“I will now answer his question, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation fat boy!!!” he declared.

Later, Hammer wrote, “Instead of being bitter, I’m taking the opportunity to make this a ‘teachable moment’ and ‘eye opener’ for my many friends & colleagues.”

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