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Matthew Schuler Blows Away Competition with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” on Voice

By Shari Weiss


Matthew Schuler gave an emotional and powerful performance of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” on Tuesday’s “The Voice” that blew away the competition and left Christina Aguilera beaming with pride.

The frontrunner, who amazed with his blind audition and later won against Will Champlin in last week’s knockout round, left the crowd screaming so loudly that the coaches had trouble giving their feedback.

“You know we’re friends, but I hate you so much. You make me so sick,” joked Cee Lo Green. “You didn’t pick me, you didn’t let me be your coach. And I just hate how much I love you, dude.”

Adam Levine admitted, “I share Cee Lo’s pain. Three hearts just broke, and of course all the other hearts you just pulled as well.” The Maroon 5 singer went on, “It makes me angry… I’m very upset with you because you’re not on my team,” adding that Schuler has what’s necessary to “take this thing all the way.”

And Blake Shelton looked back at his team in the audience, telling them, “This is the guy that we gotta look out for.” “Man, what I’m gonna say? ‘Forget you,’ man,” he said, referencing Green’s classic “F**k You” kiss-off song.

Aguilera noted, “They say they don’t like you because they LOVE you.” The mentor went on to praise Schuler’s “charisma” and emotion.” “You came in like a wrecking ball, and you smashed it,” said the Grammy winner. “America, did you just see what I just saw? Vote for this guy!” Aguilera’s five remaining singers will become three on Thursday’s results show.

Check out the video below, and tell us if you’re voting for Schuler!



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