CLAIM: Matthew McConaughey “Damaged” Body with “Crazy ‘AIDS’ Diet”

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By Daniel Gates

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“After shedding almost an alarming 40 pounds for a movie role, Matthew McConaughey fears he’s damaged his body permanently,” according to the National Enquirer. The tabloid says the actor’s “crazy ‘AIDS’ diet” and physical transformation to portray an HIV-postive character for Dallas Buyers Club have left him “wrecked.”

“Matt dropped from 180 pounds to 147 in just a few months, but losing all that weight really took a toll on him,” a “friend” tells the Enquirer. The mag’s source adds, “While he’s regained much of the muscle he lost, Matt’s endurance is nowhere near what it once was. It’s a concern for him — a big one. He doesn’t feel like himself.” According to the Enquirer, the “ill effects” of McConaughey’s physical change “really affected him” when he began filming the upcoming HBO series “True Detective.” The tab insider says, “Matt barely made it to noon on the set and he was just beat. He’s gone to doctors and consulted nutritionists to try to get his endurance back, but he hasn’t seemed to get over the hump.”

It gets worse. McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves, says the Enquirer source, is “afraid he did permanent damage to his heart and his lungs. Camila made Matt promise that he’d never do this to his body again. She doesn’t want to be a widow with young children.” In other words, the tabloid is now speculating that McConaughey’s life was on the line.

This is ridiculous. He lost a bunch of weight for a movie role, has gained much of it back, and is shooting projects and promoting them like always. His “crazy ‘AIDS’ diet” did NOT nearly cost him his life, and has NOT permanently “wrecked” his body. A rep for McConaughey says the Enquirer report about the actor’s supposed weight-related health problems is not true.

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Matthew McConaughey damaged his body with a crazy AIDS diet.

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