Matt Lauer And Savannah Guthrie Face Off In “Pop Quiz” On Tonight Show – VIDEO!

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Matt Lauer Tonight Show Savannah Guthrie Pop Quiz

By Michael Lewittes


Matt Lauer Tonight Show Savannah Guthrie Pop Quiz


Matt Lauer and his “Today Show” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie were guests on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and the talk show host made them face off in a game called “Pop Quiz.” The premise was that Lauer and Guthrie were asked a series of entertainment trivia questions while seated in hydraulic chairs that could be raised very high. If one answered a pop culture question correctly, the other’s chair was raised, but if one answered a question incorrectly, their own chair would be elevated. The one hitch was that both Lauer and Guthrie were wearing huge dunce caps with a sharp point at the tip, and they were seated beneath big, four-gallon balloons that would burst if their chairs were raised high enough.

First off, Guthrie was asked by Fallon the names of the two sisters in Frozen. She guessed “Elsa and and Elsa’s sister,” which was wrong, and so her chair was raised up closer to the giant balloon. Next, Lauer was asked who won the 2014 Emmy for best guest actor in a comedy. Lauer correctly answered it was actually Fallon, and up went Guthrie some more.

Guthrie came back with the right answer of “bass” to “Meghan Trainor is all about that what? Lauer was elevated for that and then again for not knowing the name of the neighborhood bar on the show “Three’s Company.” (It was the Regal Beagle.)

Then, Guthrie missed on the name of Taylor Swift’s latest album while Lauer blanked on the name of Ryan Gosling’s baby. But she came back on the name of the coffee shop on “Friends” (Central Perk).

Both Lauer and Guthrie were one answer away from getting soaked. So, who ended up getting doused? Note: Video no longer available.

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