Mary-Louise Parker: I Did NOT Threaten Store Owner Or Use Anti-Gay Slur


By Daniel Gates


Mary-Louise Parker is disputing an antique store owner’s allegations that she threatened to have him killed and used an anti-gay slur during an incident last month.

On January 2, the “Weeds” actress accompanied a friend to Daniel Seldin’s shop in Saugerties, New York, because Seldin owed Parker’s pal a check for buying one of her purses.

An argument ensued.

In an incident report filed with local authorities, Seldin claims Parker blew up at him, and quotes her as threatening, “Do you want to wake up tomorrow? I’ll make one phone call.”

He also alleges that she called him a “f*g.”

On Wednesday, Parker’s rep blasted the story, telling Gossip Cop that the actress had nothing to do with the argument between the friend and Seldin, and that she left the store once it became clear that Seldin intended to use her celebrity against her.

The rep adds that Parker would never use an anti-gay slur, and that Seldin’s version of events simply isn’t true.

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