WATCH: Woman Can Control Size Of Her Refillable 32K Breasts With Hose (VIDEO)

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Martina Big Breasts

By Daniel Gates


Martina Big Breasts


Martina Big is a 26-year-old former flight attendant with size 32K breasts. Oh, and her implants are special. She can control their size with saline fillings, without needing additional surgery. Watch the video below.

The busty Big now goes around Europe, working as a model with her former pilot turned manager-boyfriend Michael, who seems very enthusiastic about the whole thing. Big grew up unhappy about her body, dreaming of enhancing her figure like Pamela Anderson and others. She outdid those bombshells in at least one respect.

In 2012, she quit her job and spent more than $50,000 on procedures, including her unusual breast augmentation. “After the operation, they are fillable,” she explains, pointing to her chest. “There is a walnut-shaped port here and attached there is a long hose.” Big says, “The doctor is controlling this very well, and it’s obviously an interesting and unusual project, but it’s nothing dangerous.”

Modeling work has picked up since Big acquired her refillable boobs. “It’s better to photograph her than to book three girls with half the breast size,” explains one impressed photographer. Indeed. She does admit that reaction from strangers in non-professional settings has been… mixed. What do you think? Watch the video below.

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